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The Foundation for the Development of Benin arose as an outcome of a volunteering trip to the region of Nikki, and of the need to establish an education center to cover the years after primary school (12-18 years old), stated by all the institutions and local population.

In this volunteering trip, the beninese priest Aurelien Favi showed us the local situation  and needs, and it was easy to understand the urgent need to build this school in an area with a population over 100.000 inhabitants presenting a degree of illiteracy above 75%, with not a single education center after primary school.

The compromise acquired with this initiative and the perspective of enlarging this collaboration to other future projects has translated into the constitution of this Foundation, whose activity is oriented to a double goal:

  • Bring closer a concrete reality of need and poverty.

  • Act as a means to obtain the economical support necessary to materialize this and other projects.

In this way we ultimately intend to promote the integral and sustainable development of Benin, a country too often ignored, by enlarging the access to education and basic sanitary services.

For more information about aspects of the foundation and its projects not described in the web but which may be of your interest please contact us at: info@fundebe.org.